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El Poder de Oración

Cuando unamos nuestras oraciones
por una causa que amenaza
la vida humana y la tierra,
lo pedimos la merced de Dios
este milagro nos hace llegar
para comprender como este Dios
nos maneja y nos convierta
la manera de verlo
de sentirlo,  de escucharlo.

A la vez la humanidad
descrubre otra posibilidad
de recoger y poner este Dios 
en el lugar donde él se puede
reposar dentro de nuestro corazón
y no encajarlo 
según nuestro pensamiento
nuestras leyes y decretos.

A sentirlo vivo porque este Dios es vivo.

Peace in Forgiveness

There`s peace
in forgiveness,
forgiving the person
who caused the pain.

There`s peace
in my body
forgiving the event
unexpected, uncontrollable.

There`s gratitude
in forgiveness
as I dwell in it
I am at peace.

Positive Vibes

Each culture or religion
presents positive vibes
that inspire and move
our deepest sentiments.

I take and receive
positive vibes
knowing that they
are meant to be shared.

I pass on positive vibes
to you all regardless
of our differences
we know, we all are one.

May the wings of the butterfly
kiss the sun
and find your shoulder to light on,
to bring you luck, happiness and riches
today, tomorrow and beyond.

(Irish Blessing)

All I need is time

All I need is time
time and space to find where I am
to see where I am going
to know the steps I need to take.

All I need is time
to assess my present
and see if it does resonate
with all that I wish to happen.

All I need is time
to deeply look around me
and say, I got many blessings
I`ve gone that far, beyond what I hope for.

All I need is time
to feel and sense the best in me
smile before the God who created me
and say, I am very much blessed today.  Amen.

A Miraculous Day

It is a perfect day
no matter what day it is.

And every day a miracle happens
I need to see and believe.

It is always a miraculous day
God makes it happen for us.

Everything passes away

What turn out the present one
will pass away to become tomorrow.

What I feel as my emotion
strong maybe, will soften and banish.

What I hold now as my treasure
molds, fades out and gets rotten.

My body gets deformed, cells die
never regains its past form, energy.

Everything passes away in this world
that I am convince of, rejoice!

Welling up from abundance

Life is filled up by the flowing grace
welling up from its unfathomable source
every space with its enormous capacity and resource.

It is beyond words, beyond space
an abundance not enough to contain
when I touch and take hold of it.

An abundance that`s welling up
into, beyond, behind and before me
When I let go of, abundance fills me up.

Thanksgiving to the Holy One

All the blessings of today
come from a Holy One.

All the joys of life
come from thee, Holy One.

All my fears and sadness
come from you, Holy One.

All that I have now
I bless thee, Holy One.

Mayroon pa bang nalalabi?

Mayroon pa bang nalalabi
ìsang pagtingin sa nakaraan
kahit sa pagdaan ng panahon
matitinag sakit na kubli.

Mayroon bang di nasasabi
sa kabila ng katotohanan
naroon ang ilap na tanggapin
sa puso kasama ay hapdi.

Mayroon yatang nalalabi
sa pagikot ng mundo`t panahon
paglipas ng araw, buwan`t mga taon
ang kahapon ay mapapawi.

Ano ang matatamo?

Ano ang matatamo
sa sikap at tiyaga
araw-araw `king k'sama
at may pagsusumamo.

Ikaw na ang dulot
ay ibayong ganda at
angking kaligayahan
habang `kaw`y minamasdan.

Ano ang matatamo
tuwina`y may pag-asa
at may imbing payapa
himlay sa aking puso.

Ano ang nagbibigay buhay?

Ano ang nagbibigay buhay
sa aking kalooban
kung saan dumadaloy
bukal ng kapayapaan?

Ano ang nagbibigay kulay
na sa aking paningin
kasiyahan dalang gabay
sa aking paroroonan?

Anong nagbibigay halaga
sa kalooban kamtam
kapayapaang w`lang agam
sarili`y may halaga?

Universe Germinating

I hear the pulse of the beat
as the universe breath its own
germinating, greening, growing.

The universe is germinating
making life multiply
creating a new life.

I see the greening of the earth
as the dewdrops fall into the desert
and the land produces its fruit.

I understand the growing process
of us all in the universe
it is with the flow, germinating life.

Keeping the Calm

I see the wisdom
why we need calm
quiet and peace
in our lives.

Nothing is resolved
when my heart
is troubled
my mind confused.

I see positive outcome
when I am calm
I feel contentment
when I am at peace.

Everything has its pace
things can/may happen
at its right time
silently and effortlessly.

Tuwing Pasko

Tuwing malapit na ang pasko
may kasiyahang taglay ito
at may pag-asa sa puso ko.

Napapansin ko tuwing pasko
trahedya sa iba`t ibang dako
ang taglay nitong bawat pasko.

Subalit patuloy ang pasko
pagdiriwang`t pagreregalo
sa kapwa`t sa Diyos ng pasko.

Hasta que no pueda mas

Hasta que no pueda mas
abriré la puerta de resistencia
contando en mi coraje
y la buena voluntad.

Hasta que  no pueda mas
pensaré en las memorias
como fue una mujer valiente
y llena de felicidad.

Hasta que no pueda mas
actualizaré mis deseos profundos
que me den una vida plena
y no me venceré jamas.

Life is so short

Life is so short to live
in its fullness I rejoice.

Life is so short to waste
on matters that are unimportant.

What seems to block
my own vision be removed.

Let fantasies that imprison the truth
inside and outside be gone.

May I be glad to welcome
all that is new and present.

Gratitude to the World

My heart exults
for the kindness
generosity and goodness
from peoples of the world.

One world, one family
one world nation
sharing its goodness
to the Filipinos.

Filipinos rising up
showing its resiliency
at this hour of grief
and great devastation.

Everyone`s innate goodness
is bearing fruit
in this earth building
towards its healing.

O Mother Earth
our nurturing Universe
help us all
to take care of you.

I Rescue Me

Sometimes we think
that somebody shall come
to rescue us in our need
in a situation we don`t want.

Imagining someone will come
a woman/man mightier than us
with his/her power to lift us
at the end, I rescue myself. 

I rescue and lift up myself
with my own power
to get out/away from what I don`t need
what I don`t want, I rescue me.

Sa aking mga kababayan

Sa gitna ng labis na trahedya
na inabot ng ating bansa
marami kaming nakikiisa
nagpupugay at umaasa.
'Yolanda' destroys houses, kills 19 in Bantayan
Sa kabila ay bagong umaga
sama-sama tayo sa pagbangon
tulong-tulong sa pagtatayo
ng bagong lahing Pilipino.

Pilipino na di napapagod
di susuko bagkus tumatapang
may ibayong lakas at sipag
tiyaga, pag-angat at pag-usad.

El reto de buen vivir

Cuando escucho la palabra
buen vivir
me hizo a pensar
si vivo lo mismo
¿que hago?

Pensando en  la cosmovision
como los pueblos indigenas
relacionan con la naturaleza
y viven en conjunto
con ellos.

Si soy creada
y parte de esta creacion
tratare de conservar
y proteger la naturaleza
para el nuestro buen vivir.

When my mind is full

When my mind is full
with different thoughts
I start calm down
to empty my brain.

What a signal
a body can perceive
when my mind is full
I need to stop.

Where is the place
to nourish my empty brain
I sit down with myself
and breathe profoundly.

Why there`s a need
to empty oneself
it is for renewal
to start anew.

God supplies enough for today

I awake in this new day
God has blessed it
enough for today.

God supplies what I need
just for today
enough for me to live on.

Once I made a Promise

Everyday changes
change in my thinking
change in my body.

Although change challenges
to stick or stick not
once I made a promise.

Once I made a promise
I need to be faithful
to guide my actions.

Once I made a promise
my thoughts flow
into the same direction.

Mientras tanto

Mientras tanto
que el sol
del invierno se para
para darme el calorcito.

Mientras tanto
que el frio
me da un espacio
de ver lo que hay.

Mientras tanto
que el tiempo
seguramente va
con despacio.

Mientras tanto
lo que tengo
y te agradezco.

Embarking into the Future

As I sail into the future
where nothing is familiar
I don't have any fear
it's a way of surrender.

I say yes to the future
I say yes to the present
I embark into the future
and I say yes.